Saturday, July 30, 2011
  The number 1 BBQ Smoker
Today in the Adventure-N-Things we will talk about the number 1 BBQ smoker. You may be saying what is it? Most likely you would never guess because this smoker is not in most big box stores.

The smoker is the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.

Weber Smokey Mountain

The adventure with this smoker is making great BBQ. No other smoker can do what this smoker does. Learn more about the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker here.
  Today's adventure is looking at the Bradley smoker.

Today's adventure is looking at the Bradley smoker. This smoker can see seen at a post about the Bradley Electric Smoker here.

Now, people seem to like using an electric smoker. To be honest, I do not even know any of my friends that have an electric smoker, but I see many people interested in them. I guess people like the convenience of being able to hook up the smoker to an electric outlet and not have to keep checking the charcoal or look at the temperature during the cooking process.

Bradley Original Smoker

These smokers must work well. Hopefully I can try out an electric smoker soon!!!!!

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